UI/UX Design
Logi is an application prototype that is used to organize Emergency Reponse Team logistics. Logistical information is extremely important to keep track of for emergency situations. Our team, Andrew Del Rizzo, Hyunan (Ann) Ryu, Kristina Campeau, and I, created Logi so ERTs have easy access to their logistical information.
Click HERE for the full prototype!
The challenge of this application was to: "help an international rapid response aid organization connect the thousand of volunteers at these potentially dangerous locations, keep them safe, and provide them with updates and support so they can continue their life-saving work." The key features of this application is to simplify ordering and fulfilling supply requests, organize logistical information, cache online and offline information, and have a voice-activated recording function for hands-off use.
Logi allows the user to request and order supplies for the team. The order will then be reviewed by an administrator. On the Supplies Summary, the user can see the number of supplies they have, their current orders, and potential supply requests from other Emergency Response Teams.
During a crises, it's important to keep track of what your team is doing, and where. This'll ensure that the team is working efficiently, and that everybody knows their role. Logi also tracks nearby teams, their roles, and their supply count. Supplies can be requested from nearby teams if your team is running low on supplies.
An example of what ordering food kits would be like while using Logi.
Click HERE for the full prototype!