Package Design
Mic Mac Moe is a package design project that combines the Chinese Zodiac animals into a macaron box. The box is designed for people with a love for desserts with a fun play on the game Tic Tac Toe.
Mic Mac Moe is named after Tic Tac Toe because it sets itself apart from other macaron packages by turning the box into a game of Tic Tac Toe. The box carries the macarons in a 3x3 grid where the macaron pieces can be shuffled around.
This project ties together my Chinese-Canadian culture while celebrating Chinese New Year traditions. There are twelve different macaron flavours representing each animal (left-right, top-bottom): Pig (Strawberry), Rabbit (Vanilla), Horse (Chocolate), Rat (Earl Gray), Monkey (Mocha), Dog (Milk Tea), Rooster (Salted Caramel), Dragon (Raspberry), Tiger (Passion Fruit), Snake (Pistachio), Goat (Coconut), Ox (Coffee).
Mic Mac Moe macarons are bought in store and nine macarons can be chosen to fit the box. The poster would theoretically be posted in-store to show the customer/audience which zodiac animal is which flavour.