Package Design
Nai Cha is a do-it-yourself bubble tea package and brand design project created for bubble tea lovers. The name Nai Cha is a direct translation of 'milk tea' in Chinese. Enjoy bubble tea wherever you want with this portable package!
Each bubble tea kit includes: tea leaves, powdered milk, sugar, tapioca, a customized Nai Cha cup, a steeper, a spoon, and a straw. Each component is packaged for easy-to-access and portable bubble tea creation!
As part of the branding for Nai Cha, the kit also has branded coasters and buttons as bonus goodies. A cute illustration of a bubble tea character is the brand image. Each item in the kit has a Chinese translation, connecting the theme of 'nai cha' being a translation of milk tea in Chinese.
An infographic is at the bottom of the container that explains how to make bubble tea using the ingredients and tools given. The illustrations follow the same artistic style as the brand character. For anyone unfamiliar with making bubble tea, this infographic will provide insight on how to do it.