Brand Re-Design
The goal of this project is to re-brand Ren's Pets so that its identity is refined to compete with other pet stores in the market. Ren's Pets struggles to compete with big box brands such as PetSmart and PetValu due to its brand inconsistencies. Their new identity must be consistent and captures new brand values of being a partner, community, and maintaining good relationships.
On the left is the current mark of Ren's Pets. The mark lacks any personality and doesn't say much about the brand, apart from them being Canadian. Ren's Pets branding is extremely inconsistent, as shown on the flyer on the right. The flyer uses different colours from their mark, a different green, blue, and yellow.
Ren's Pets already has a decent customer base and identity within the pet resource market. Instead of re-designing their whole identity and changing it to something less recognizable, the design direction I chose to go with is an evolution of the current mark. The main competitors Ren's Pets have is PetSmart and PetValu, so to stand out from them, I kept the circular shape of the original Ren's Pets mark.
The original Ren's Pets mark used four different colours, #0067af (blue), #7ea53f (green), #ea1f2c (red), and #fff (white). To evolve this mark, I simplified the colours, sticking to blue and white. I lightened the blue to #1191d0 for a more modern feel. As an alternative and/or complimentary colour, #0c8854 (green) is used.
To capture the values of community and relationships, I changed the mark's typeface to Dosis. Dosis has round corners and large x-heights to signify openness. It's welcoming and friendly, which is a huge contrast to the original condensed typeface.